Citrofrut successfully concludes high orange season

Citrofrut successfully concludes high orange processing season

As every year, Citrofrut, at its Huichihuayán plant, successfully concluded the 2019-2020 Conventional and Organic Orange Processing Season with the previously expected success.

Citrofrut gave special thanks to all its workers; thanks to their dedication, commitment and discipline, it was possible to achieve the goals set at the beginning of the cycle. But, above all, to continue contributing to nutrition in Mexico and the world, always based on a humanistic culture.

And in this sense, the company also recognizes the families of all its employees; because, despite the difficult circumstances that the country is going through due to the Covid-19 pandemic, their commitment and loyalty to Citrofrut was maintained.

In the meantime, work has continued, fully complying with the standards issued by the World Health Organization and the Mexican Ministry of Health, so that the health of the workers and the quality of the product are not affected.

Preventive measures include

Inlet filter for hand washing, as well as temperature and symptom checks.

Cleaning stations with handkerchiefs, antibacterial gel and disinfectant wipes.

Staggered meal times, considering a maximum of 3 people per table in the company’s dining rooms.

Cancellation of trips between zones (GC and GNT), unless it is of utmost importance for the operation.

Keeping a healthy distance between employees (2 meters between people).

Employees have complied and collaborated with the corresponding measures, thus generating a safe work environment, where the first and foremost is their physical and mental integrity.

With this, Citrofrut, as a juice producer in Mexico, maintains its mission to guarantee a rich and healthy diet for its consumers.

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