Citrofrut strengthens ties in communities with health caravans

caravanas de salud citrofrut

With the objective of contributing philanthropically to society, Citrofrut has carried out for two consecutive years (2018 and 2019) the ‘Caravanas de la Salud’ (Health Caravans); with which it has benefited close to 1,500 people in the health sector in the municipalities surrounding the Citrofrut factory in San Luis Potosí.

In 2018, it began in the municipality of Axtla de Terrazas, in its ejidos of Jalpilla, Santa Fe Texacal and Chimalaco; where, in collaboration with local authorities, 225 people were attended in specialized modules.

The activity consisted of providing free medical attention for prevention, disease detection, family medicine, medicines, nurses and dentists; in addition, in the plant’s parking lots the service was provided to workers and the general public who requested the service.

For 2019, and with the intention of extending what was done in the previous year, the ‘Caravanas de la Salud’ were taken in the same way to the municipalities of Huehuetlán, Coxcatlán and Xilitla; where the number of beneficiaries grew by almost 650 percent, reaching the figure of 1,497 people attended.

The modules for the detection of dengue fever, HIV and tuberculosis, as well as those for mental health and occupational health, stood out.

In the two editions of the «Health Caravans» there was great acceptance and participation of the population, especially of the mayors of the municipalities benefited, with whom it is expected to work together on beneficial projects.

With this type of activities of Social Responsability, Citrofrut seeks to contribute in a reciprocal manner with the communities that give it so much.

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