Citrofrut, standing in solidarity with the community because of covid -19

solidaridad citrofrut ante la situación covid19

As part of Citrofrut’s social responsibility with the community and to inform what the company is doing during the contingency. Emma Oyervides, Head of Social Responsibility and Communication at Citrofrut’s Huichihuayán plant, was interviewed by Radio Panorámica’s radio program Zunoticias, broadcast on 99.7 FM.

«First of all, Citrofrut thanks and recognizes all the families of our collaborators; since despite the difficult circumstances due to the Covid-19 pandemic, they have maintained their loyalty to the company.

While the Huichihuayan Plant has continued its work, complying with the measures issued by the World Health Organization and the Mexican Ministry of Health.

In addition, as part of its social work, Citrofrut has gone beyond support and prevention with its collaborators; since it has joined efforts with local authorities to show solidarity with actions for the benefit of the entire region.

«We have created a support plan, in conjunction with local authorities, to promote the prevention of Covid-19. We are helping with the donation of sanitization items; including antibacterial gel made at the Huichihuayan plant; with a delivery that we started last May 8 of this year, in collaboration with the H. Ayuntamiento de Tancahuitz,» Oyervides pointed out.

During the interview, Aarely Beltrán, Head of Safety and Industrial Health at Citrofrut’s Huichihuayan plant, also spoke about the prevention measures carried out within the company.

«Citrofrut, committed to the health of its collaborators, has taken measures such as the Access Control Center; where the temperature is taken and the compromised symptomatology is checked; cleaning and sanitizing stations with tissues, antibacterial gel, wet wipes; we have a master plan for sanitization and nebulization of facilities».

In the same vein, he explained, staggered meal times have been established, with a maximum of three people per table; as well as the cancellation of non-essential trips and the healthy distance, which is two meters between each worker.

«It should be noted that all our vulnerable personnel, people over 60 years of age, people with diabetes, high blood pressure, breastfeeding, are sheltered,» added Citrofrut’s Industrial Health and Safety Manager.

In addition, prevention awareness has been instilled among employees so that they can extend it to their families. With this, Citrofrut fully complies with the protection of its employees and collaborators, which guarantees a product of the highest quality.

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