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All about Citrofrut and agribusiness in Mexico

citrofrut donated to the community of Huehuetlan
In the wake of the devastation caused by a severe thunderstorm in the municipality of Huehuetlán, in the state of San Luis Potosí, Citrofrut joined forces with the community and, as a socially responsible company, donated essential material for the reconstruction of homes. The donation consisted of one thousand sheets to the community of Huehuetlán; […]
Citrofrut is an example of sustainable production
As part of its social and ecological responsibility, Citrofrut seeks at all times to make its processes an example of sustainability and excellent management of natural resources; in order to give back to the surrounding communities, the country, the world, and above all to the Earth. For this reason, it is worth highlighting the effort […]
Citrofrut is supporting lime harvest cutters
The harvest began with 100 cutters, of which the first goal of the season was achieved: to bring in a crew from the Cuauhtémoc area, a primary objective for Citrofrut. As it does every year, Citrofrut began its traditional Italian lime harvest season in May in the region of El Águila, Tamaulipas, with great success, […]
Citrofrut supports communities during covid 19
Reporting on the actions taken by Citrofrut during the COVID-19 pandemic, Emma Oyarvide, Head of Social Responsibility and Communication at Citrofrut’s Huichihuayán plant, was interviewed by Radio Panorámica’s Zunoticias radio program, broadcast on 99.7 FM in Ciudad Valles, San Luis Potosí. «We currently continue to have protocols and maximum security measures in place at the […]
Citrofrut is committed to the environment
In an interview for the radio program broadcast on 99.7 F.M., Zunoticia, Citrofrut’s Sustainability Coordinator at the corporate level, David Alcocer, spoke about the water treatment processes at the Huichihuayan plant, as well as the plant’s efficiency and water recirculation capacity. «We are a company that is very committed to the environment. We are proud […]
solidaridad citrofrut ante la situación covid19
As part of Citrofrut’s social responsibility with the community and to inform what the company is doing during the contingency. Emma Oyervides, Head of Social Responsibility and Communication at Citrofrut’s Huichihuayán plant, was interviewed by Radio Panorámica’s radio program Zunoticias, broadcast on 99.7 FM. «First of all, Citrofrut thanks and recognizes all the families of […]
Citrofrut successfully concludes high orange processing season
As every year, Citrofrut, at its Huichihuayán plant, successfully concluded the 2019-2020 Conventional and Organic Orange Processing Season with the previously expected success. Citrofrut gave special thanks to all its workers; thanks to their dedication, commitment and discipline, it was possible to achieve the goals set at the beginning of the cycle. But, above all, […]
caravanas de salud citrofrut
With the objective of contributing philanthropically to society, Citrofrut has carried out for two consecutive years (2018 and 2019) the ‘Caravanas de la Salud’ (Health Caravans); with which it has benefited close to 1,500 people in the health sector in the municipalities surrounding the Citrofrut factory in San Luis Potosí. In 2018, it began in […]
Citrofrut is aware of the importance of water
Citrofrut, producing while taking care of water Water care has become one of the main topics on the world agenda, since sustainable actions are already a reality in all aspects of human coexistence with nature. Citrofrut, as an agribusiness company, is aware of the importance of water. Therefore, all processes in the facilities and in […]
Energía renovable en Citrofrut
In an interview with Zunoticia 99.7 FM radio station, David Alcocer, Corporate Sustainability Coordinator of Citrofrut, discussed the water treatment processes in their Huichihuayan plant, highlighting its efficiency and capacity to reuse its water. “Our agroindustrial company is deeply committed to the environment. We are proud of our plant in La Huasteca and its advanced […]