Citrofrut donates acres of land for the cemetery to the municipality of San Rafael

Citrofrut donates acres San Rafael

At the Citrofrut plant in Paso Largo, last weekend in March, up to 7 acres of land were donated to the municipality of San Rafael in Veracruz for the construction of the cemetery in the community of El Faisán.

The event was attended by the Syndic Yaritza Mendoza Hernandez who received the donation of the land from the municipality of San Rafael, which will provide the function of a cemetery for the community, this will solve the problem of saturation of saturated cemeteries in the area.

On behalf of Citrofrut, employees Karla López, Arturo Grayet and José Antonio Puga attended, who reaffirmed the company’s commitment to social support actions, framed in initiatives aligned with shared value commitments, and which are those that have led to the great commitment for 13 consecutive years; the distinction as a Socially Responsible Company (ESR), a commitment of Citrofrut.

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