High standards in water treatment at Citrofrut

High standards in water treatment at Citrofrut

At Citrofrut our main objective is the preservation of natural resources through sustainable actions, for that reason, we constantly seek to create new strategies to ensure the future balance and harmony of the environment.

Our objective is to achieve a better use of water; therefore, at Citrofrut we have the Tren 1 Water Treatment Plant in Huichihuayán, with which we estimate a recirculation of treated wastewater for use in the plant, complying with the Mexican Official Standard NOM-127-SSA1-1994, Water for Human Use and Consumption.

With this water treatment plant we contributed to improve the aeration system in the biological reactor, since it has a Lamenllar clarifier, which increases the elimination of effluent solids from the secondary treatment process and the tertiary treatment system. In this way, we achieve multiple benefits, such as the recovery of 1,200 m3/d, reducing up to 60% of the total fresh water consumption, decreasing the water pressure in the water supply spring, as well as other benefits such as ultrafiltration and oxidation with ozone.

At Citrofrut we are aware of the importance of environmental care, and therefore we reiterate our commitment to the communities and the environment, something that has been fundamental to our growth as a company. We are convinced that environmental sustainability and social responsibility are inherent parts of who we are. And with this water treatment plant in Huichihuayán, we achieve better care and treatment of water, an essential element in our activities.

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