Corporate social responsibility

At Citrofrut, as a part of the agribusiness companies, we are aware that our commitment to our communities and the environment has been key to our growth as a company. Social Responsibility and Sustainability are an innate part of who we are.
Agribusiness companies have a responsibility to show solidarity with the environment, but also with the communities that allow them to produce.

Social responsibility

We have created a Social Responsibility Model to focus our efforts on all actions that may add value and transform the life of the communities where we participate, such as our health brigade and environmental initiatives that makes us one of the best agribusiness companies.

Our Model seeks to directly support our key stakeholders: collaborators, their families and communities, clients and suppliers, to assertively combat poverty and support education on both, a technical and human level.

We deploy our efforts through the Citrofrut Conmigo (With Me) Flagship Program and local community programs supporting Education, Social Development and the Environment. These efforts contribute to the image that we have created as one of the most socially responsible agribusiness companies in the world.

Citrofrut`s Health Brigade

Citrofrut`s ambulance

Health Campaign

Through our firm commitment to add value to the local communities near our operations, in 2018, the Health Brigade was born. Throughout the year, Citrofrut’s own ambulance visits some of the 97 different locations of San Rafael, Veracruz, providing free medical consults, basic medicine supplies and general health exams supporting the wellbeing of our communities and neighbors.

  • We have visited over 6 different municipalities located near our Paso Largo Facility, each with a high degree of marginalization according to CONAPO index (2010). The Brigade has had immediate impact, benefiting over 300 habitants across diverse needs:

  • General health exams: Body Mass Index (obesity risks), Glucose, Cholesterol & Blood Pressure.
  • Basic medical supplies.
  • High-risk studies conducted on-site, timely detecting key diseases.

Our commitment, as a part of the agribusiness companies in Mexico, to society continues through the efforts of all our Collaborators, who give their best for the welfare of our communities.

Sustainable school InitiativeOrange Trees donation

Sustainable school initiative

The sustainable school initiative is an effort that all agribusiness companies should support, as it is a way of giving back to the communities that contribute the talent and dedication to produce.

FUN SCHOOLS: Citrofrut supports the development of playground areas within schools, such as creating playgrounds and sport courts.

SAFE SCHOOLS: Seeking to promote a safe learning environment Citrofrut organizes:

  • Conversations with parents & students “safety based on behaviors”
  • First-aid training.
  • Donation of first aid kits & safety brigadier kit (vests, whistles & hand-held signs)
  • Emergency evacuation protocols

SUSTAINABLE SCHOOLS: We donate orange trees to schools and teach the students and teachers how to take care of them. We buy the oranges produced by the trees and the school uses the funds for educational resources and building material for maintenance.

Environmental sustainability

We believe that we are all key players in the preservation of our resources and are constantly searching for new strategies to ensure future environmental balance and harmony.
Agribusiness companies benefit from natural resources to produce, something that generates jobs and development in communities. But for this they should not forget ecological sustainability, water resources management and the clean energy line.

Water managementCitrofrut worker

Water management

Water is the main resource used across our operations and for all agribusiness companies. To care for such a scarce natural resource, we have taken actions both at the grove and processing facility levels.

At our groves , we have created large water reservoirs to capture rainfall. Additionally, 100% of our agricultural land is fitted with drip ferti-irrigation systems to better control our water usage and maintain optimal growing conditions for healthy and productive trees.

We have made special adaptations within our facilities to properly treat our process waste water. Our treatment and recovery system composed by activated carbon and ozone filtration complies with the highest international standards.

Our water management initiatives allow us to reduce our water consumption by 40% as well as use our treated water for agricultural irrigation or safe river discharge.

Natural Gas PipelineClean Enery Use

Clean energy use

We are taking significant steps to minimize our environmental footprint by switching to cleaner energy sources, to remain as one of the most sustainable agribusiness companies in Mexico and in the world.

NATURAL GAS PIPELINE: Citrofrut built a 33 kilometers (21 miles) long pipeline to supply natural gas to our facility in the remote town of Huichihuayan, hidden in the heart of the Huasteca region in the Mexican state of San Luis Potosi.
The change to this cleaner energy source reduces our sulfur emissions by 534,000 kg per year

RENEWABLE ENERGY SOURCES: Since 2017, Citrofrut uses over 70% of all its electric energy consumption from renewable energy sources. The energy used is produced mainly by Wind and Biomass energy generation.

Renewable energy not only contributes to the operations of the agribusiness companies plants, but also benefits the surrounding communities, by significantly reducing CO2 emissions.

agriculture practices

Citrofrut’s certified nursery has been producing over 700,000 high quality trees per year. A portion of the trees are distributed to our organic grove partners to ensure the development of the citrus growing region and to support the their communities and environment.

On average every orange tree can reduce 21.8 kilos of CO2 per year. On an annual basis Citrofrut is promoting the reduction of 15.3 million kilos of CO2.

Additionally, Citrofrut cares for over 500ha of natural land reserves seeking to preserve the natural habitat of our surroundings.