Citrofrut supports neighboring communities during covid -19

Citrofrut supports communities during covid 19

Reporting on the actions taken by Citrofrut during the COVID-19 pandemic, Emma Oyarvide, Head of Social Responsibility and Communication at Citrofrut’s Huichihuayán plant, was interviewed by Radio Panorámica’s Zunoticias radio program, broadcast on 99.7 FM in Ciudad Valles, San Luis Potosí.

«We currently continue to have protocols and maximum security measures in place at the plant so that we can continue to operate normally and so that our employees and their families feel safe,» she assured.

In addition, Citrofrut, as part of its social responsibility, has consistently supported the communities surrounding the work centers.

«We developed a support plan for the surrounding communities. All the surrounding communities are being supported with awareness-raising activities, distribution of antibacterial gel and support to health centers.»

He highlighted that the awareness activities are being carried out with materials specially designed for an easy understanding of all the people who receive them.

«In the awareness campaigns we are distributing leaflets and illustrated brochures, which allow us to make it easier for people to understand the message and heed the recommendations prescribed».

In the interview, and invited by Citrofrut as part of the community awareness campaign, was Ana Maria Perez, DIF doctor, who spoke about the myths and realities of Covid-19.

«People mainly ask if antibiotics cure the virus, and the answer is that they do not. And they’re not going to because viruses are just that: viruses. They are not going to fight it and they are not going to counteract it,» said Dr. Ana Maria Perez.

She also invited the communities to disregard the myths that frequently circulate about the prevention of Covid-19, such as gargling with mouthwash or the consumption of garlic, since they have no scientific basis.

«Another thing people ask us about is the possibility of being infected with Covid-19 through animals, such as dogs or cats, which is not possible. This virus can only be spread from person to person.»

We thank Dr. Ana María Pérez for the support that, together with Citrofrut, she is giving to the community, as well as for attending this interview. 

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