Citrofrut significantly reduces water footprint with water recirculation

Citrofrut is committed to the environment

In an interview for the radio program broadcast on 99.7 F.M., Zunoticia, Citrofrut’s Sustainability Coordinator at the corporate level, David Alcocer, spoke about the water treatment processes at the Huichihuayan plant, as well as the plant’s efficiency and water recirculation capacity.

«We are a company that is very committed to the environment. We are proud to have a plant in La Huasteca with such an advanced system because, although we comply with government regulations, we are able to recirculate up to 70 percent of the water we use for our processes,» said Alcocer.

Commenting on the process that is given to the water, he explained that it consists of a physical-chemical treatment that removes solid contaminants, grease and oils; it then continues with a biological process, which identifies dissolved contents; subsequently a tertiary treatment is used which, by means of a membrane system, allows up to 70 percent of the water to be recirculated.

«This plant has a contaminant removal rate of 99 percent. This tells us that Citrofrut’s plant in Huichihuayan is a very efficient one,» said Citrofrut’s Sustainability Coordinator.

He also explained that by recirculating 70 percent of the water, the water impact has been reduced.

«The environmental impact we have is positive, since by recirculating 70 percent of the water; we have stopped using that amount, reducing the water footprint. We have reduced gas emissions, as we now use alternative fuels; to this we must add that we reduce our electricity consumption, by purchasing energy from renewable sources.»

During the interview, David Alcocer explained the current situation of the Citrofrut plant in Huichihuayan.

«Since a month ago we finished our production processes; and currently the operations being carried out are the basic ones, such as equipment conservation and infrastructure maintenance; with which we have been able to keep our basic operating staff».

To conclude his intervention in the radio program, Alcocer said that the water treatment system is a source of pride, since very few companies in Mexico and worldwide have this technology.

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