Citrofrut significantly reduces water footprint by reusing water

Energía renovable en Citrofrut

In an interview with Zunoticia 99.7 FM radio station, David Alcocer, Corporate Sustainability Coordinator of Citrofrut, discussed the water treatment processes in their Huichihuayan plant, highlighting its efficiency and capacity to reuse its water.

“Our agroindustrial company is deeply committed to the environment. We are proud of our plant in La Huasteca and its advanced system that not only allows us to comply with government regulations but offers the possibility to reuse up to 70% of the water in our processes,” Alcocer said.

In addressing the water recycling process, he explained that it includes a physical-chemical treatment that removes solid, fat, and oil pollutants; it then passes through a biological process that identifies dissolved contents. Subsequently, a third treatment consisting of a membrane system allows reusing up to 70% of the water.

“This plant has a 99% removal of contaminants. This shows how the Huichihuayan Citrofrut plant is highly efficient,» added Citrofrut’s Sustainability Coordinator.

He also explained that by reusing 70% of the water, they have reduced the impact on water resources.

“We have a positive environmental impact. As we recycle 70% of our water, this volume is no longer taken, reducing our water footprint. We have reduced gas emissions through the current use of alternative fuels, and we should also add that we have lowered our electric power consumption by purchasing energy from renewable sources.”

During the interview, David Alcocer described the present situation of Huichihuayan’s Citrofrut plant.

“We finished our production processes a month ago and are presently performing basic operations such as equipment and infrastructure maintenance. Therefore, we have been able to keep our core operations workforce.”

In closing the radio interview, Alcocer said that this water treatment system is a pride for the company as very few companies in Mexico and worldwide have implemented this technology.