Citrofrut, producing while taking care of water

Citrofrut is aware of the importance of water

Citrofrut, producing while taking care of water

Water care has become one of the main topics on the world agenda, since sustainable actions are already a reality in all aspects of human coexistence with nature.

Citrofrut, as an agribusiness company, is aware of the importance of water. Therefore, all processes in the facilities and in the field have high standards to promote sustainability.

It is important to emphasize the care of water in the different industries, since, although the Earth is composed of 75 percent water, only 3 percent represents fresh water.

For this reason, Citrofrut seeks to save as much water as possible in its production, so that it can be used in the most efficient way, achieving harmony between its processes and the environment.

And since we are talking about using this crystalline resource in the best possible way, it should be noted that, according to the United Nations, the industrial use of water is responsible for 22 percent of water consumption worldwide.

Because of this, Citrofrut has reinforced its water care actions, reducing its consumption by 40 percent. In addition, it uses treated water for irrigation in orchards, fruit processing and equipment cleaning.

This has led Citrofrut to give high priority to this issue, as all of its production lands are equipped with drip irrigation systems to better control water use and maintain optimal growing conditions for healthy and productive trees.

Thanks to all the actions taken to care for water and the environment in general, Citrofrut has the Rainforest Alliance Certification, which means that all processes generate less water consumption, less erosion and a series of actions that imply a more environmentally friendly production.

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