About our Juice Company

Citrofrut is an agro-industrial and agribusiness company with more than 60 years of experience. We produce the best fruit juice in Mexico.

‍Also, we are national leaders with global recognition, exporting more than 90% of our production to customers dedicated to the development of drinks, food, flavors and fragrances, all bases in our fresh fruits.

At Citrofrut, we are dedicated to the production and processing of citrus and tropical fruits; nurseries, groves, manufacturing facilities and own distribution centers are a vital part of our integrated supply chain model.

Through our 5 processing facilities and our +7,000 hectares of production, we offer custom-made fruit-based products throughout the year, and other fruit ingredients that form the bases of juices, nectars and beverages and other processed fruits market products. Additionally, our product development and specialty ingredient sourcing capability allow us to offer tailor-made beverage formulations, such as aguas frescas, lemonades and limeades. At Citrofrut we have a great mission: to contribute to improving the world’s nutrition by offering fruit products in a sustainable way, generating social, environmental and economic value, based on a solid humanistic culture.

‍We seek sustainability daily in our operations through various strategies such as the treatment of wastewater in all our facilities, the annual planting of +700,000 trees produced in our certified nursery, the prevention of HLB (citrus greening) through foliar analysis in our laboratory and biological control of this disease’s vector.

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Our culture

As a Juice Company, Citrofrut is founded on a solid humanistic culture, one which we live daily through our Model of Identity. At Citrofrut we have the following beliefs:

• All human beings should be treated with dignity and respect

• Integrity is the foundation of long-lasting human relationships

• Human beings can always improve

• Work is a means to pursue happiness

Our corporate social responsibility values as a Mexican Juice Company

integral human development
Integral human development
trust enviroment
of trust
achievement spirit
Spirit of achievement
Good Stewardship
Social and Enviroment Responsability

Nursery, an environmental care for our juice company

Our nursery and citrus groves are located in the Mexican states of San Luis Potosí, Veracruz and Tamaulipas, while our mango groves are located in the states of Sinaloa and Nayarit, jointly adding more than +7,000 hectares of developed land.

Our nursery is managed under certified international standards with an average production of +700k trees per year. Our expertise in budwood material selection and shoot tip grafting provides healthy and productive trees. Citrofrut operates a laboratory in San Rafael, Ver. where we analyze the Tristeza, HLB, and other diseases, as well as foliar and soil analysis.

We work together with our associate producers supporting them in the design, development and maintenance of their groves with the aim of providing better yields and high-quality fruit... aside of providing our best mexican national fruit.

Our Global facilities

Citrofrut is a juice company that operates five processing facilities strategically located close to our fruit supply and main shipping ports.

Our facilities are Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) certified and comply with waste water treatment regulations to ensure sustainable processing practices.

We also have a distribution center in McAllen, Texas that allows us to offer efficient service and close contact with our US customers. Additionally, we store inventory in Europe and have distribution capabilities worldwide.

Our Corporate HQ is located in Monterrey, Mexico as an administrative center for all our operations.

International Certifications

At Citrofrut, and as a top juice company, we care about maintaining the highest quality standards and the best manufacturing practices.

We have international certifications that demonstrate that our products, processes and facilities comply with the highest quality, the strictest safety codes, and excellence in our manufacturing practices; everything necessary to ensure world class products and our customer’s satisfaction.

Scheme FSSC 22000SFG CertificationCTPAT Partnership
Kiwa BCS OKO-GarantieUSDA Organic Certification and accreditationRainforest Alliance CertifiedFarm Sustainability Assessment ProgramSMETA
Kosher Certification in MexicoKosher CertificationNON GMO ProjectSocially responsible company logoCertified Citrofrut as Great Place to Work